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Enzyme Formulations

Enzymes for Wastewater Treatment

Enzymes For Wastewater Treatment

Did you know; By adding Biozyme's waste water enzymes this significantly reduces odor, BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and sludge volumes. (Download our data sheets/PDF's below for more information)

Wastewater treatment has assumed great significance in today’s context where protecting the environment is a prime concern. 

Biozyme Lab's formulated enzyme products effectively break down organic waste and increase the quality of wastewater effluent without the use of harsh chemicals, a major benefit being the reduction in odour.

Enzymes start degrading organic waste immediately upon addition, while existing bacteria strains use the organic wastes as carbon and nitrogen sources for growth and effectively treat the system for the long term. 


The main objective of wastewater treatment is to treat the effluent before it is discharged so that the environment is not polluted. Wastewater treatment in general refers to the reduction of suspended and floatable material and the oxidization of biodegradable organic matter. 


Wastewater from the food processing industry contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats and pectinaceous materials that are barely decomposed by microbes during the activated-sludge treatment. To enhance the treatment of wastewater from these processing industries, a combination of specialized enzymes facilitates hydrolysis of BOD and renders it suitable for decomposition by activated sludge treatment and composting.

Enzyme Formulations

Enzymes for Wastewater Treatment

Customized enzymes based formulation for the hydrolysis of organic matter in wastewater.

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Enzyme Formulations
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