Enzymes For Extraction in Crude Oil Spill Remediation

Did you know; Biozyme crude spill never stops working until every drop of oil has been completely broken down. (Download our data sheets/PDF's below for more information)

Enzymes For Extraction in Crude Oil Spill Remediation

BIOZYME – CRUDE SPILL is a novel product which contains multiple enzymes and consortium of hydrocarbon degrading Microbes. Should a Crude Oil spill occur the formulation can stop the affects to the ecosystem of the ocean flora and fauna. 


Once BIOZYME - CRUDE SPILL has been applied to the oil, even if the oil disperses, sinks or fragments it will not be able to evade decomposition until every drop of oil has been totally broken down. BIOZYME - CRUDE SPILL will also break down the adhesive properties of the hydrocarbons, preventing the oils from attaching to animals, vegetation, rocks or earth. 

Deoiled cakes of all seed oil and Xanthum gum filter cakes contain significant starch molecules which, can be easily degraded by Amylases at high temperatures. Cellulases and Mannanases are also applied to remove Cellulose and Mannan from the deoiled seed filter cakes. 


Interestingly, Filter cake removal is an important step concerning both production and injection in Petroleum wells, mainly concerning horizontal completion. 


The drilling fluids typically comprise of starch, the most important component of the filter cake. A common approach to remove this filter cake is the use of acid solutions however, these acids are non-specific reactants. An alternative is the use of enzymatic preparations, like Amylases, that can hydrolyse and separate the starch. 


High Temperature Alpha Amylase

Break down Starch – Xanthan Filter Cakes


Break Down Guar based Filter Cakes


Break down PAC or Cellulose based Filter Cakes

Blend of Enzymes and Microbial Culture

Degrading Crude Oil in Spills

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